What is Mesasix Time Tracker?

MESASIX TIME TRACKER is a customizable and smart time tracking web application integrated with Slack. It has customizable bot responses, clocking in and out functions, and notifications. Through the dashboard, a manager can manage all team members and visually understand key metrics such as total time worked by day, week, and month.

Mesasix Time Tracker Features

Be more productive and effective with your work by letting Mesasix Time Tracker manage your work time.

List of Commands

Time Clocking. Use these commands on ANY Slack channels.

Clock in. Starts tracking your time.

Clock in with task or project. Starts tracking the time of the project/task specified.

Clock out. Stops recording the time.

Execute this command when you're going to take your break. Slack Bot pauses recording the time of your current project.

When you are back from break, say /back. Slack Bot continues recording your time. This will also resume your last active project.

Slack Bot continues recording your time. This will also start recording the task/project specified.

Change your current project. Slack bot will pause your last active project and will start recording the time for the new specified project.
You can also switch to an already existing project in your shift, slack bot will pause the previous project and resume recording the time for the specified project.

Note: Projects and Tasks are case sensitive.

Clock in a member

BRB a member

Mark a member as back.

Clock out a member

Switch member's project/task

Project Tracking

Show current project/task details -- project, time and status.

Assign your default project, this project will be used when omitting the project/task in command.

Forcibly clock out a member

Force Clock out a team member (for team owner/admin use only). The user will be notified that his/her time has been cut.

Use these commands on any Slack channel.

Check your current status.

Check your total work time for the current shift.

Check your total work time for the current week.

Check your total work time for the current month.

Check specified team member's current status.

Check specified team member's total work time for the current shift.

Check specified team member's total work time for the current week.

Check specified team member's total work time for the current month.

Submit feedback, question or suggestions to the mesasix team:

- Sends "Great App" to us - Help us make Mesasix Time Tracker a better app.

- Will show command list.

- Will show a menu button. Each button has its own uses. Menu

Support Team

Our friendly Product Support Team is dedicated to help you gain the maximum value and performance from Mesasix Time Tracker. We provide assistance free of charge, and will help you resolve any issues quickly and effectively. You can contact our Product Support Team through both chat and email.

Does it cost money to use this app?

Adding Mesasix Time Tracker to Slack is free and does not require a credit card, but to continue using the app commands after more than 7 days, you'll need to pick a plan. Below are the subscription plan details.
You will be charged $2.00 per selected team member per month.

How much does Mesasix Time Tracker cost?

Subscription PlanCost Per Selected MemberLimitation
TEAM TRIAL$0.007 Day Trial
TEAM BASIC$2.00Monthly

Visit the pricing page for more details.

Mesasix Time Tracker tracks and displays total work time based on the shift instead of calendar date. The total work time starts at clock in /in and ends at clock out /out . However, if you manually clock out or have been automatically clocked out and clocked in again before 12:00 midnight, the accumulated time will be added to the total work time of the current shift.
When new members are added in your Slack team, simply follow the following steps:

    1. Invite them to join a dedicated Slack channel for clocing or they can also clock in on their Slackbot or any other channel whichever your team prefers.
    2. Then add them to the allowed members in Mesasix Time Tracker's dashboard
    3. Go to: Settings > Team Members > Active Team Members
    4. Select team members who you want to use Mesasix Time Tracker.
    5. Click the "SAVE CHANGES" button.

They can now start performing the clocking activities.
The date and time are displayed based on the user's slack account time zone or based on the time zone that is set in the Preferences tab.

Visit the features page for more details.

May 2018
Updates on Policies following GDRP Guidlines
October 2017
Export to CSV format updates.
March 2017
Add time.
Show specific project report per user at Member Report.
Allow admin to clock in, brb, back, out members
Allow ordinary slack users to be timetracker admins
December 2016
Edit time for members.
Bot notification to remind users to clock in.
Force out users at a specified time.
November 2016
Old commands are back. You can either clock in using /mesasix in or /in.
Custom date range at team member's report.
October 2016
Admins and Owners can now be selected/deselected.
September 2016
Team admins and owners can now choose member that will be allowed to use Mesasix Time Tracker.
Added project/task tracking and switching between projects/tasks just use /switch [project or task].
Admins and owners can now adjust their or their members' clocking entries in Members Report.
Admins and owners can now delete records (cannot be recovered) in Members Report.
Clocking commands are changed, each command needs to have /mesasix at the beginning. See details in features page > List of Commands
Added In and Out date-time in CSV reports except for team weekly and team monthly.
July 2016
Team Admin / Owner can now view their member records on a given date range in Member Report.
Multi-channel support. You can now select and organized your team members clocking activities on up to 10 different Slack channels.
June 2016
Added optional parameter when clocking /mesasix in. See details in features page.
Added option to grant access to Team Record for guest or core members.
Easier confirmation on notification using interactive buttons.
May 2016
Emoji's picker for customized bot responses.
Sortable data records.
April 2016
Account payment history.
Sync the information on the Slack account with the application account.

Please email us at or use our chat support at the bottom right side of this page.

Pricing Plan

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club. Debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo are also accepted.

Team Trial



Disable After 7 Days

Team Time Checker

Dashboard for Reports

Team Time Tracker

Team Basic



Monthly Setup

Team Time Checker

Dashboard for Reports

Team Time Tracker

Team Premium



Monthly Setup

More Options

More Features

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* Only selected members in Team Setting.


Is Mesasix Time Tracker online payment safe?

Yes, security is our top priority. We don’t store your credit card details, and our online payment uses Stripe to secure the payment transaction. You can read more about Stripe’s Security here.

Can I add time?

Yes! You can add time by:

    1. Signing in to
    2. Go to Member Report
    3. Click the Add Time button and you'll be redirected to the add time page
    4. Fill in the form
    5. Click the Add Time button

I added a time tracking channel but I can't see it in my channel list at Settings. What should I do?

Follow the following steps:
    1. Sign in
    2. Go to "Settings"
    3. Click on the "Sync to Slack" button.
    4. Go to "Preferences" tab
    5. Look for the channel in the channel list and select it.
    6. Click "Update Settings" button

Team members forget to clock in. What can I do?

You can set when your shift start and the Mesasix bot will remind each users to clock in. To do so, follow the following steps:
    1. Sign in
    2. Go to "Settings"
    3. Go to "Preferences" tab
    4. Look for "Set Start of the Shift Time"
    5. Specify desired time
    6. Click "Update Settings" button

Can team members edit their own time?

Yes! Tell your team members to follow the following steps:
    1. Sign in
    2. Go to "My Record"
    3. Click "Edit" button
    4. Click on the progress bar, a modal will appear
    5. Adjust time
    6. Click the "Save Changes" button
    7. Continue editing and when you're done, click the "Send for Approval" button.
    8. A slack notification will be sent to team admins
    9. Wait for any of team admins to approve the time change

How do I edit my team member's time?

In order to edit your team member's time:

    1. Sign in to
    2. Go to Mesasix Time Tracker's dashboard
    3. Go to Member Report
    4. Select team members who you want to edit the time and specify the date.
    5. Click the "SHOW REPORT" button.
    6. Click one of the strips in the progress bar.
    7. Edit your team member's time.
    8. Click the "SAVE CHANGES" button.

If you don't see any changes. Please reload the page.

What is a selected or allowed member?

A member added to the list of allowed users to use the time tracker. Only admins and owners can add a member to the list.

When is the billing date?

We bill you at the beginning of every monthly billing cycle. Your bill amount depends on the number of selected members in your Mesasix Time Tracker team account. If the number of selected members increase/decrease in the middle of a billing cycle, the new payment will take effect for the rest of the cycle.

What happens if I don't find the service useful?

You can cancel your account any time in your Settings > Payment Details > Cancel Subscription or you can also email us at

Do I get a refund if I cancel my subscription while in the middle of billing period?

No, but we offer a 7 day FREE trial. After that you will have to subscribe to one of our core plans and continue using the time tracker until your monthly billing subscription expires.

I cancelled my subsciption, how do I subscribe again?

For you to subscribe again, follow the following steps:
    1. Go to
    2. Sign in through Slack
    3. Go to "Settings"
    4. Click on the "Payment Details" button.
    5. Click the "Subscribe" button.
    6. Fill up the neccessary fields.
    7. Click the "Pay" button.

I can't use /in, /out, etc eventhough the app is installed.

You should re-register your team in our app again. Note: Only Admins and Owners should register because some features may not be available for ordinary users. If you're an admin or an owner, follow the following steps:
    1. Go to https://[yourdomain]
    2. Remove Mesasix Time Tracker from your apps list
    3. Go to
    4. Accept the terms and condition.
    5. Click the "Add to Slack" button.
    6. You will be asked to sign in to your team if you're not yet signed in.
    7. Click the "Authorize" button.
    8. Click the "Proceed" button.
    9. You will be redirected to your Time Tracker Dashboard.